Ohio Propane Prices

How do you find the lowest propane prices? You will need to shop and compare prices to find the best value. Each week the Energy Information Agency conducts a weekly survey from October to March to determine the average price for propane gas. Click the link below to find Ohio propane prices.

Current Propane Prices for Ohio

1/19/2015 2.388
1/12/2015 2.386
1/5/2015 2.392
12/29/2014 2.405
12/22/2014 2.379
12/15/2014 2.411

Source EIA

Ohio Propane Gas Shortages Continue

How are you doing heating with LP gas this winter? Odds are you are struggling to pay for your heat and that’s only after you have been able to secure a delivery to keep you warm.

Prices per gallon have jumped over $1 per gallon since the end of 2013. This has crippled many household budgets. This colder weather has forced Buckeyes to use more heat than they typically use, and at a higher cost now too!

This years’ shortage has occurred because of high demand by farmers to help dry their corn crops this year. With these frigid temperatures causing household to use more propane, shortages have developed. There are cases of users not getting the propane they have contracted for and are now complaining to the governor’s office to step in and help.

Governor Kasich signed a state of emergency last month that will allow propane delivery drivers to work longer hours to help transport more propane to Ohio to help alleviate the tight supplies.

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