Missouri Propane Prices


Missouri Propane Prices Per Gallon

Oct 12, 2015 1.411
Oct 05, 2015 1.384
Mar 30, 2015 1.786
Mar 23, 2015 1.817
Mar 16, 2015 1.827
Mar 09, 2015 1.832
Mar 02, 2015 1.835
Feb 23, 2015 1.836
Feb 16, 2015 1.844
Feb 09, 2015 1.848
Feb 02, 2015 1.865


Source EIA

Weekly Missouri Residential Propane Price Chart

Weekly Missouri Residential Propane Price Chart

Help for Low Income Propane Users in Missouri

Propane prices have skyrocketed over the last few weeks hurting those who can least afford an increase in prices. With below average cold temperatures and rising prices, it is hard for a family to afford to stay warm right now.

Governor Nixon has just authorized a $15 million plan to help low-income Missourians with their energy costs.

Prices have shot up this year due to increase in demand from farmers needing propane to help dry their crops and also due to the cold weather.

Moving supplies to Missouri has been difficult and has also added to the cost of LP gas.

Are you shopping for the best prices for propane gas in Missouri? Propane-prices.net is here to help you. Below is a link to the weekly price survey of propane gas in Missouri conducted by the Energy Information Agency.
Missouri Propane Prices

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