Indiana Propane Prices

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Soaring propane prices hurting Indiana consumers

Prices over the last few weeks have soared from an average of $2.80 a gallon to over $5.00 a gallon with reports of some dealers charging $7 a gallon!

With the current shortage, prices are almost changing by the hour which is practically unheard of before. Many propane dealers are currently limiting deliveries to 150 gallon to ensure there is enough to go around to keep Hoosiers from freezing. The Indiana attorney general is urging consumers to conserve the amount of propane they are using during this propane shortage.

The reason for the shortage is because of several factors. First was during the wet harvesting season. Farmers had to use propane to dry their crops. Next where supply disruptions; one pipeline was down for about a month. Also the cold brutal winter has slowed deliveries to local dealers too.

Governor Mike Pence has declared a state of emergency regarding propane gas. He has authorized easy transport rules and has added $5 million to the state fund that assists homeowners in paying their energy bills.

Indiana propane prices

Mar 30, 2015 1.937
Mar 23, 2015 1.981
Mar 16, 2015 2.027
Mar 09, 2015 2.052
Mar 02, 2015 2.057
Feb 23, 2015 2.063
Feb 16, 2015 2.062
Feb 09, 2015 2.09
Feb 02, 2015 2.101

Source EIA

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