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How competitive are your propane prices? When was the last time you shopped around and compare what you are paying for propane gas to other dealer’s prices? The first place to start is to know what the current market price for propane is. One way is to check the EIA weekly survey of propane prices. Each week from the beginning of October to the end of March, the Energy Information Agency publishes their findings. This shows the average residential and wholesale prices in the reporting states. Use this as a guide since prices can vary in different parts of your state.

What is the direction of the price of propane this winter? As usual prices have been going up since the summer. This is a normal seasonal pattern. Propane demand tends to increase in the fall for 2 reasons. First, farmers use propane to dry out their crops. If it has been a particularly wet and rainy harvest, then there will be even greater demand for propane gas.

The other reason is that about 1 million people in the United States use propane gas to heat their homes. Obviously has temperatures drop during the winter; the demand for propane will go up.

The Energy Information Administration has forecast a rise of about 8% this winter for propane gas prices. One of the reasons for this increase is the low inventory level of propane this year. Propane stocks are down about 5 million gallons compared to this time last year. If we have a typical or mild winter, those stocks should be enough. If we have a colder than normal winter, then you can expect to pay much higher prices for you propane.


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