Current Propane Prices in Idaho

Here are the propane per gallon survey results released by the U.S. Energy Information Agency.

Each week from October until March, the EIA releases the average price paid by residential users. These prices can be used as a guide to see if you are paying to much to fill your tank. Remember, price will vary due to transportation costs and other fees your dealer may tack on.

Jan 19, 2015 2.477
Jan 12, 2015 2.414
Jan 05, 2015 2.407
Dec 29, 2014 2.405
Dec 22, 2014 2.451
Dec 15, 2014 2.475
Dec 08, 2014 2.423
Dec 01, 2014 2.393
Nov 24, 2014 2.362
Nov 17, 2014 2.361
Nov 10, 2014 2.301
Nov 03, 2014 2.319
Oct 27, 2014 2.362
Oct 20, 2014 2.281
Oct 13, 2014 2.158

Come back each week to see the latest prices.

Minnesota Propane Prices

Follow propane price trends for Minnesota by checking here each week. Prices are updated each Wednesday during the heating season which runs from October to March each year.

State Of Emergency with Minnesota Propane Prices

Governor Dayton has recently declared a state of emergency regarding propane gas supplies. Prices have nearly doubled since the start of the winter heating season. This has become a “perfect storm” of sorts regarding the lack of supply and rising prices with LP Gas.

Propane supply was low coming into the winter due to demand by corn farmers to dry their wet crops this year. That coupled with the artic blasts we have been receiving has caused demand for propane to go up. This has forced prices to rise quite a bit.

Dealers are being forced to send trucks as far as Texas to obtain gas for their customers. The costs involved in bring those supplies here will also cause prices to rise.

Current Propane Gas Prices Minnesota

1/19/2015 1.821
1/12/2015 1.839
1/5/2015 1.844
12/29/2014 1.841
12/22/2014 1.841
12/15/2014 1.874

source EIA
This is the last price reporting for the 2013-2014 heating season from the EIA. Price reporting will resume on October 6, 2014.

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Minnesota Propane Prices

Wisconsin Propane Prices

Trying to find the best propane price for home use can be hard to do. Fortunately the Energy Information Agency conducts a survey each week during the winter season from October to March each year. They then release the weekly average price of propane for residential and wholesale use.

Current Wisconsin Propane Prices

1/19/2015 1.79
1/12/2015 1.809
1/5/2015 1.813
12/29/2014 1.818
12/22/2014 1.836
12/15/2014 1.853

source EIA

Propane Gas Prices, Why Do They Change?

Propane gas is a popular choice for heating your home, but at times propane gas prices can be very volatile. There are ways for the user of propane gas to save money by watching gas price trends and by timing their tank fill ups. Propane prices can change quite a bit from month to month if not from season to season.  Let’s exam why propane prices change.

Propane is derived from crude oil refining and natural gas. Propane gas is a by-product of these two energy sources. Since it is a by-product, propane prices will generally follow the price movement of natural gas and crude oil. Since crude oil is the largest traded commodity, it is easy to track its price. Crude oil futures are traded in the New York Mercantile Exchange. Newspaper and Internet services track and report crude oil prices and natural gas prices daily from the exchange. This will make it easy for you to following the price trends.

Your location will affect the price you pay for propane. A majority of propane gas in the United States is stored in Mont Belvieu, Texas. Propane prices are generally cheaper in the Midwest as compared to the rest of the country. Transportation costs will increase the price you pay for your propane locally.

Supply and demand plays a major role in determining the price of propane. Take a page form economics 101. Price spikes can and do occur if there is severe cold weather in the area. Propane is produced year round, but if there is a cold snap, demand can suddenly rise and cause prices to jump. To increase supply, companies would need to import propane, but it could be several days to weeks before shipments would arrive to meet the demand.

So what is a homeowner to do to save money buying propane? First of all, find a reputable dealer. You can check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints filed with the dealer. Secondly, start following crude oil and natural gas price trends. If you see prices rising or falling there, current propane gas prices will probably do the same.


Current Propane Prices

South Dakota Propane Prices

Some of the lowest propane prices can be found in South Dakota. However that shouldn’t stop you from comparing propane prices to find the best prices. Each week the EIA takes a survey to determine the average price. Use the link below to see this weeks average price.

Current SD Propane Prices Per Gallon

1/19/2015 1.633
1/12/2015 1.632
1/5/2015 1.645
12/29/2014 1.649
12/22/2014 1.659
12/15/2014 1.672

Source EIA

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Ohio Propane Prices

How do you find the lowest propane prices? You will need to shop and compare prices to find the best value. Each week the Energy Information Agency conducts a weekly survey from October to March to determine the average price for propane gas. Click the link below to find Ohio propane prices.

Current Propane Prices for Ohio

1/19/2015 2.388
1/12/2015 2.386
1/5/2015 2.392
12/29/2014 2.405
12/22/2014 2.379
12/15/2014 2.411

Source EIA

Ohio Propane Gas Shortages Continue

How are you doing heating with LP gas this winter? Odds are you are struggling to pay for your heat and that’s only after you have been able to secure a delivery to keep you warm.

Prices per gallon have jumped over $1 per gallon since the end of 2013. This has crippled many household budgets. This colder weather has forced Buckeyes to use more heat than they typically use, and at a higher cost now too!

This years’ shortage has occurred because of high demand by farmers to help dry their corn crops this year. With these frigid temperatures causing household to use more propane, shortages have developed. There are cases of users not getting the propane they have contracted for and are now complaining to the governor’s office to step in and help.

Governor Kasich signed a state of emergency last month that will allow propane delivery drivers to work longer hours to help transport more propane to Ohio to help alleviate the tight supplies.

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What is the price of propane gas?

North Dakota Propane Prices

Looking for the best propane prices in North Dakota? Welcome to Below is a link to the EIA weekly survey of propane prices in each state. Click on the North Dakota link to compare your prices to those in the survey.

Propane Starting to Flow to North Dakota

After facing higher than normal propane gas prices due to a colder than normal winter and supply shortages, propane is finally getting to cold North Dakotans.

The ONEOK pipeline has been reversed and is now bringing much needed LP gas to North Dakota. As you can see in the above chart, prices have dropped from a high of over $4.50 a gallon to around $3.25 in the last 2 weeks.

12/15/2014 1.702
12/22/2014 1.686
12/29/2014 1.655
1/5/2015 1.646
1/12/2015 1.639
1/19/2015 1.576

Source EIA

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Nebraska Propane Prices

Trying to compare propane prices can be difficult. Here at we aim to help consumers find the lowest prices. We have provided a link below to show you what the average price for propane gas is in Nebraska according to the weekly price survey by the EIA.

1/19/2015 1.299
1/12/2015 1.307
1/5/2015 1.351
12/29/2014 1.392
12/22/2014 1.428
12/15/2014 1.453

Source EIA


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Missouri Propane Prices


Help for Low Income Propane Users in Missouri

Propane prices have skyrocketed over the last few weeks hurting those who can least afford an increase in prices. With below average cold temperatures and rising prices, it is hard for a family to afford to stay warm right now.

Governor Nixon has just authorized a $15 million plan to help low-income Missourians with their energy costs.

Prices have shot up this year due to increase in demand from farmers needing propane to help dry their crops and also due to the cold weather.

Moving supplies to Missouri has been difficult and has also added to the cost of LP gas.

Are you shopping for the best prices for propane gas in Missouri? is here to help you. Below is a link to the weekly price survey of propane gas in Missouri conducted by the Energy Information Agency.

Missouri Propane Prices Per Gallon

1/19/2015 1.865
1/12/2015 1.871
1/5/2015 1.87
12/29/2014 1.883
12/22/2014 1.906
12/15/2014 1.895

Source EIA

Missouri Propane Prices

Michigan Propane Prices

Are you paying too much for your propane gas? Do you know what the average price for home propane gas is in Michigan? We are here to help you. Click the link below to find what the residential propane prices are in Michigan according to the latest EIA weekly survey.

Propane Gas Shortage in Michigan Leads to Higher Prices

Propane shortages around Michigan are now causing consumers to pay much more for their propane in the middle of this cold winter.

Prices are up over a dollar from the summer, draining user’s wallets to pay for the increase.

Shortages developed in the fall when there was a sudden increase in usage by farmers. Due to the wet harvest, there was an increase in demand for propane to help dry the crops. Also the icy cold weather has slowed down the movement of propane supplies to Michigan.

Governor Rick Snyder has declared a state of emergency for propane and has eased restrictions on the transport of it to help speed deliveries.

Average Price of Propane per gallon in Michigan 

1/19/2015 2.179
1/12/2015 2.178
1/5/2015 2.153
12/29/2014 2.185
12/22/2014 2.132
12/15/2014 2.152

Source EIA,4534,7-164-17337_20942-252787–,00.html

Kentucky Propane Prices

The key to getting the best prices for propane gas is to know where the market is. Click the link below to find the average propane price in Kentucky this week as reported by the Energy Information Agency.

Kentucky Propane Gas Prices per Gallon

1/19/2015 2.162
1/12/2015 2.147
1/5/2015 2.143
12/29/2014 2.129
12/22/2014 2.135
12/15/2014 2.138

Source EIA

This is the last price reporting for the 2013-2014 heating season from the EIA. Price reporting will resume on October 6, 2014.

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